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RL - first match

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Russian Legion is here in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona playing in the first event of the PSP series. Being the reigning World Champions, there are high expectations as always.

Match play began on Friday this year, and our first game was against Vicious, a new NXL team this year, which we were excited about welcoming to the Pros. The first game is always hard for our team, as we seem to start slow for some reason. With this in mind, we put an emphasis on just playing smart paintball, and it worked out well. The game was back and forth in the beginning, with both teams traded points early, but we ended up pulling ahead once we figured out what they wanted to do. The game stalled at 6 points for us, and we let them win another point to make it 6 to 3 and then they won a 1 on 1, but ended up getting a dirty hang so it stayed at 6 to 3, where we finally closed the game out. It was a good warm up game for us and we will go back and look at our mistakes and try to fix them and do what we need to so we can win this event.

After our game we participated in a PhotoShoot with DXS, our new sponsor, as well as Social Paintball and Guerilla Air, which all are a big part of what we are trying to do as a professional team. We watched some games and then we had our daily meeting and the whole team feels ready for the next two games Saturday. Don't forget to join our Facebook Fan Page.

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20.03.2010 RL - first match


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