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Today Russian national paintball team took 2nd place at the European Championship. I was fortunate to play for our team and I want to congratulate and thank everyone who has played, coaching, organized and helped our team! I also want to congratulate my French friends with the European Champions title.

Russian Legion - Mykel Kovar

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I started playing paintball when I was 14 because a friend showed me his issue of Paintball2Xtreme magazine. I soon went out and played with a group of friends, and had the time of my life. We started a team together, and I had a desire to play at the professional level one day. As my friends slowly feel away from the game, I pushed on, doing whatever I could to afford the chance to practice and play. As for joining "RL," I was approached by Kirill before the 2013 season, and informed that they were interested in having me. A couple of days later, I also received word that an opportunity to move overseas and run a field/store in Belgium was open to me. I wouldn't have been able to meet the demanding training routine of RL without this move, so I was very fortunate everything worked out. I am also very thankful to everyone that made this possible. Alex Martinez from X-factor for doing everything he has for me since day one, which allowed me to compete and enjoy the game I love. For Axel Knauf and Geoffrey Bouillon, without them none of this would be possible. Last, but certainly not least- I want to thank the RL organization for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to compete with such a professionally run club. I admire the players and staff alike, and hope that together we can add another star on the RL logo this year, and more in the years that follow. 

Team congrats Alexander Tarando team's head manager.

Team congrats Alexander Tarando team's head manager. Because of his help and control team still exists like very successful club.All club members wishes him to stay the same person, luck in business and family life. We all respect him and listen, so we believe that RL will keep it on.

Russian Legion in the news overseas.

Paintball foto & Video
Russian Legion in the news overseas.

Russian Legion on PSP MAO

Team news PSP
After a disappointing beginning to the season, our team new it had to step up in MAO to have any real chance at the series, and just to prove it to ourselves we could win.

Before Chicago

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Matt Blonski from Russian Legion here, coming from you at the Hotel in Chicago. It?s been a long few months since the last event in Phoenix, but the bitter taste remains.

RL - first match

Sport news PSP
Russian Legion is here in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona playing in the first event of the PSP series. Being the reigning World Champions, there are high expectations as always.


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